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About Tecnico Service

The birth of Tecnico Service.


The beginnings of Tecnico Service take place at the beginning of the year 2012. Benny started as a service-engineer for the high-quality brand Melitta. This activity grew bit by bit and so the passion for technology began to grow. In 2019 we were recognised by Melitta NV and Melitta Professional as an "Official Melitta Dealer". After this recognition, we started to expand our business. Thanks to the incredible support of his wife Evelyne in this project, Benny got all the chances and freedom to let the project develop and expand. In 2022 we expanded our business and were recognised as an official Swirl Service Partner. 




"Officially recognised Premium Partner of Melitta NV and Swirl".


Our services consist of servicing and carrying out repairs on fully automatic espresso machines, Momentum series coffee makers such as Epos and Epour from the quality brand "Melitta" and the Swirl Quinyo stick hoover. Is your appliance "in guarantee" or "out of guarantee" and does it have a breakdown or a technical problem? Then we are always ready to solve this for you.

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