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Tecnico Service is an "officially recognised Premium Partner of Melitta NV and Swirl". Our services consist of the maintenance and repair of fully automatic espresso machines, the coffee machines from the Momentum range such as Epos and Epour from the quality brand "Melitta" and the Swirl Quinyo stick hoover. Is your appliance "in warranty" or "out of warranty" and does it break down or have a technical problem? Then we are always ready to solve this for you.

Welcome to Tecnico Service!

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The step-by-step plan!


Register your device with us.

Fill in the

online form!


Deliver your device to us.

Bring or send your device to us!


We repair your device.

We maintain or repair your device!


Device repaired, we contact you!

Pick up your device or we will send it to you!

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your device.

Use and enjoy your device!


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Tecnico Service always has a good solution for you!

After more than 10 years of experience and as an officially recognised partner of Melitta and Swirl, we have the necessary expertise, innovation, customer orientation, transparency and efficiency: that is what you can expect from Tecnico Service. You can also easily order spare parts and accessories.


In order to offer a correct and high-quality service, we carry out all maintenance and repair work in our repair workshop. So we do not travel!
We always use original "Melitta and Swirl" spare parts. We therefore guarantee good quality and service. 



We offer a guarantee! After your appliance has been repaired or maintained, you have a three-month guarantee on the maintenance and/or repair carried out. And you will receive a two-year warranty on the replaced parts resulting from that same repair by Tecnico Service!



Paul De Bock

Ongeëvenaard qua technische know how en dienstverlening. Het staat helemaal te lezen in de bedrijfsnaam.


Wonderful service from a true craftsman, who understands every detail of Melitta machines well enough to identify precisely which small part needs replacing,...


Patrick Godesar

Very reactive and good Reparation at a fair price. The service ist top

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